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David asks…

Medicinal Marijuana?

Health Canada’s current $5.75 million dollar contract with Prairie Plant Systems for Canada’s current supply of medicinal marijuana is winding down. They’re calling in for bids.. do you think this is just an attempt to arrest people who grow it?

You’re not going to place a bid to grow pot if you don’t know how to do it..

Weedy answers:

if you have a doctors document saying that you have to use it for a medical condition. and if he will stand by you then you can get a special permit for [harvest] which is only good in certain states.

Michael asks…

medicinal marijuana?

Do you guys this that people should get medicinal marijuana to treat diseases?
why or why not?

Weedy answers:

Only if it is completely necessary…if there is another solution, they should use that.

George asks…

Is medicinal marijuana just an excuse to get a foothold in a state?

My state (Michigan) just passed a medicinal marijuana proposal. Is the motive to eventually have altogether legal marijuana? Will marijuana now be more prevalent?

Weedy answers:

some of the motivation was probably to head in that direction, but currently its all done with doctors and state supported.

Mary asks…

What are your thoughts on medicinal marijuana use?

I work in the medical field. I have seen many patients who admit to using marijuana for pain management, loss of appetite, glaucoma, anxiety and migrane headaches. Many practices will dismiss the patient for drug use. All have said they would rather use marijuana, than a synthetic drug that can cause major side effects. On the other hand, it is an illegal substance. It has been considered a “gateway drug”. Should it be legalized? Should the patient have a right to decide if he/she can use marijuana for medicinal purposes? What are your thoughts?

Weedy answers:

I think the illegal status of marijuana falls into two categories.

First – The world wide drug trade is “controlled”. Due you think this huge money making machine is operated by drug lords? Or could it be by more organized and powerful groups such as Governments? All political hopefuls need money to help them climb the political ladder. Oh, and lets not forget how governments that “borrow” money from Banks like, The Federal Reserve, repay these astronomical debts they are accruing. Hmmm, production of opium in Afghanistan has doubled since the U.S. has been there.

Second – Consider this… many religions throughout the world consider cannabis as a sacrement. Does the phrase Tree of Knowledge ring a bell. With this arguement, it could be considered a form of religious prejudice in a country that proclaims Freedom of Religion. Our Forefathers stated it best; Life, Libery, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Mark asks…

How to apply for medicinal marijuana in California?

I would like to know the steps required to receive a medicinal marijuana card.

Weedy answers:

You need to see your doctor and have a “legitimate” condition for which marijuana has been proven to be useful. I use quotes around legitimate, because a prescription for medical marijuana is pretty easy to obtain in California. Chronic pain, ADD, and sleep disorders are conditions for which marijuana is often prescribed. Keep in mind that employers can still deny you employment for testing positive for marijuana, even if you have a prescription.

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