Your Questions About: Which Legal Weed Is The Best

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Charles asks…

Why are alot of people obessed with thinking how stupid and horrible weed is when?

Seeing some post on here and just knowing allot of the public reactions, im just wondering why people think weed is stupid and it ruins you life.I mean think for a second most of these people know nothing of weed besides people saying its bad and i think you should look at beer and cigarettes which both are perfectly legal and are more harmful then weed. Are you going to be driving on the wrong side of the road and hit someone head on with weed? no but with beer this could happen.I have smoked weed and cigarettes and i don’t crave weed but cigarettes i do and i am strongly addicted to cigarettes and am trying my best to quit.
You don’t smoke joint after joint of weed but you do smoke cigarette after cigarette and cigarettes have how many chemicals? why don’t people focus on meth cocaine any of those things instead of weed. No Mather how this sounds weed helps me actually do things and get things done it helps me Relief stress and it helps me focus more on one thing , so i actually get something done and my dad has seizures and has had 9 back surgeries and it helps him with pain and helps stop his seizures

Potter answers:

I personally have nothing against weed.
I don’t smoke it anymore because it just makes me fall asleep and it gets me paranoid sometimes ughhh..

But it’s not the weed itself, it’s the reputation of it..
When people hear teenagers yell out their conversations about how they got high and people think they’re all cool when they wear the leaf and smoke up and glare back at people .. It’s like probably “everyone” and their mothers have tried weed before but the reputation of it is just dumb

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