Your Questions About: Which Legal Herbs Get You High

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Charles asks…

If god didn’t want us to smoke marijuanna why’d he(or she) put it here?

Here’s a question for you high strung christian assholes 9 (YEAH I WENT THERE) You people always say that god put everything/everyone here for a reason. Now I have a question:If god didn’t want us to smoke/drink/eat(within brownies) weed then why did he put it here. It’s nothing but a plant and if you light it on fire you get stoned. It’s not man made it’s natural. God didn’t put alcohol or cigarettes on the earth which I might add is way more dangerous and addictive than herb. Yet those are legal. Weed is the only “drug that should be legalized it doesn’t cause cancer and how is it so bad if god put it here. You don’t see people growing crack plants in their back yard or heroin trees in their front yard. give me an argument about it.

Potter answers:

“Typically known for being the plant that cocaine is harvested from, the coca plant is reputed to being a very perilous plant.” Incase your wondering, the coca plant is where crack and cocaine come from.”Nevertheless, the coca plant has a lot of valid and risk-free uses, that can been applied by herbalists since the species’ discovery.”
Tobacco is also a plant. It is also used for herbal remedies – AND for creating cigarettes, which the quitting of has been compared to quitting heroine.
As with cocaine and tobacco, Marijuana can be used for herbal remedies because it is a natural plant – does that mean we should be going around smoking it?

I don’t blaze. I’m not against it. And i’m not a Christian. But there’s your argument buddy.

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