Your Questions About: What Other Herbs Gets You High

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George asks…

What are some various herbs one could take to enhance aspects of Marijuana?

This sorta thing has always interested me since lsd and shrooms and other Hallucinogens are just to expensive to take regularly and keep up with, So really anything to supplement or enhance the experience of being high would be extremely appreciated.

What are some good things to combine with weed to enhance certain aspects of the experience? I’m talking about (For example) Taking Kava an hour before smoking to lessen paranoia and anxiety. Or say Caffeine to increase alertness while high. What other herbs can you combine with weed to change/enhance the experience?

P.S~I’m not looking for answers such as lsd or shrooms;. I’d prefer it to be something relatively easy to get, I’m open to various ethnobotanicals and Its okay if you can’t get it in stores and its something you have to get over the internet. Thank you 😀

Things I’ve heard of:
Ginkgo Biloba/5-Htp/Kava/Valerian/Caffiene. Please help!:/

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