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Mark asks…

Wrongfully fired because of flawed profanity filter?

Me and my buds are always sending off-color/dirty jokes to each other at work (which is very much against the rules but.. everyone does it so its fine). We has never been caught because the chat program we use filters out the bad stuff. Three weeks ago though, a few words got through the filter and were subsequently flagged by the IT monitoring software. After investigating, the review board ruled that I should lose my job… that’s right I LOST MY JOB. I feel like the chat program company (I won’t name names) is liable to pay me reparations for what happened to me due to the faulty software. What‘s my best course of legal action?

Potter answers:

Dear Cheeks, now I have a question for you? Do you like MONEY? I sure do. In a situation like this, that company has probably done nothing legally wrong. The good news for you is that doesn’t matter and we can still get money out of them. I recommend we come in and sue for a low amount. It will be cheaper for them to just pay us than put up the legal fees to fight us and so 99% of the time companies will go this route. The other 1% is just a-holes that fight it anyway on principle. I have sent an e-mail to your Yahoo! E-mail with how I’d like to proceed. Now, let’s go get some of that stuff we both love, champ!

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