Your Questions About: What Is The Difference Between Hash And Buds

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Sandy asks…

amsterdam coffeeshops??

Going on a 16 day excursion through Germany and ending in Amsterdam. Best coffee shops in Amsterdam?? I have heard that some places really rip you off. The differences between all the different kinds of bud they offer? I know that Nenderhash is hash made in the Netherelands. What about Sativa and Indica? Please answer only if you have been there and if you have a REAL answer. Thanks so much in advance.
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the insight. I will check out the websites reccommended and can’t wait for this trip. Thanks again and again.

Potter answers:

This is the best piece of advice you will get if you want to the best possible coffeshop experience. When you get to Amsterdam search out the Smoker’s Guide to Amsterdam. You can find it in about half of the coffeshops, just ask for it. Its a 4 euro little book that will be your tour guide through the grass scene. It is worth every penny trust me. Also a few shops NOT to miss: Barney’s Breakfast Bar (have breakfast there), Grey Area, Abraxas, Dampkring – all esteemed cannabis cup winners. I would recommend staying away from the big chain types ie Bulldog & The Grasshopper. Have fun!

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