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Sharon asks…

I don’t understand much of this cause i’m a kid, but I have a feeling its wrong?

I am 16 years old. My parents are divorced and my mom works a few jobs. I am deeply, deeply depressed. School is not something I take too seriously but I am smart. This year I am a senior at an alternative school which is at your own speed type of school. I started my legal problems last school year running away from home due to my parents flip flopping me house to house to house, throwing my stuff out at 4 am or whenever they pleased. So home, has never been secure for me. The summertime I got a minor in possession of alcohol ticket because I was at a party. I’d prefer you’d leave your opinons on that to yourself.. Then I got another ticket this summer for stealing. Yeah, I’m poor nobody gives me money sometimes I like to enjoy nice things. Then this school year, I had truancy court. The school I go to now provides no transportation. My mom is not always there to take me to school, actually she is never. SO I missed a few days, but mostly I was terribly tardy. But my grades are high a’s. I give my principal plenty of credit for understanding my situation. Butt, I think the line of my life & school life has been crossed. My mother and him talk frequently about my life and what is wrong with me and what they should do about me… and I don’t get it. I don’t need anyone planning out my life, I’m sorry. But last week I had truancy court and while listening to the other kids, explaining their situation to the judge made no sense, because they DID have transportation, my school does not. & every single kid had wayyy more absences than I did. I had two, or three even. My tardies just sucked. but still weren’t AS BAD. So once it was my turn, being my first truancy court I thought I’d get off pretty easily. But no, as the truancy officer was talking he mentioned talking to my mother a lot, and mr. knox. and my dad was just kinda in the back not knowing what was going on… I thought that was weird. The judge I had was the same one my sister got caught with cigarettes last year in 8th grade, when he asked her who her main influence was she said me. When I was totally against smoking when she would do it everyday after school with my best friend. & she started before me..odd? I also thought it was weird that I got immediate reffered probation and had to take a drug test, when every other kid got off, but I knew they had something to do with this. I don’t know, but i’m pretty damn sure i have enough evidence that this is not right.

yesterday I had to take my weekly drug test, I failed. yeah.. i smoke weed. I have no problem quitting. cause i do understand that it makes you lazy, and i have been and it IS time i get things together. but i ALSO have no problem with smoking, i don’t see it as a bad thing at all. it created the best people in the world, the hippies. how could it not be a postitive thing. i’m a hippy straight up.. if you want to debate about things that matter I’ll do it allll day.. but anyways.

I failed the drug test and they were threatening me with rehab & jail. first off, if i went to rehab and i told them i was there for marijuana, they’d laugh. because its not addicting at all. and you can’t die from it. and you can’t overdose. and you don’t trip on pot AND it does NOT make you do stupid things, your getting it confused with salvia. i was really upset and turns out, they were just scaring me. i went home and went to bed.

my principal road shotgun with my mom there..? thats unusual, he has nothing to do with my probation.. at all. then todayy. they decided to send me to CAP. which is a place you go when you do reallly bad things. his excuse for me going there was my excessive tardies & my pee test. I don’t understand what my probation has to do with his school. neither do i understand how he could send me there for tardies when i already went to court, he can’t do that. right? i think i’m right. i have to be….? WELP.

Potter answers:

Seek counseling!
I don’t read a Q here. You can summarize the facts and ask again but you need counseling!

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