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Joseph asks…

Is it wrong to dump boyfriend because hes going nowhere with life?

My boyfriend is a sweetheart and I love him to death but its like he’s doing noothing with his life. He’s 21 and used to go to school to get his GED but then he got arrested for 4months and not doing crap now. I asked him when is he getting back in school, he says next week but next week never comes! I asked what he wanted to do in life and he was like go to amsterdam to smoke weed and be legal. I asked if wanted to move in with his homeboy, my cousin and me and go to florida he said he wasn’t sure (meaning no). I’m like come on! He’s 21 and still living with his mama! And don’t even got his drivers license! He drove his homeboy car and got a ticket then COULDN’T PAY IT! I’m not trying to be mean but come onnnnnn it gets frustrating! He say he wants to leave Maryland (bad area in Baltimore) but ain’t doing **** to get out! He always says he’s to hood for people to want him when I’m like that’s bull all of us came from the same area and is doing something now! Why can’t he? I’m just sick of it! I love him so much but he’s going nowhere and I want to better myself, I’m like I know we ain’t perfect and I’ve been to jail once also but atleast I’ve finished highschool and got a steady job paying bills…advice please

Potter answers:

No, it’s not wrong to dump him. He really isn’t going anywhere with that attitude so you need to move on to someone who has some goals for his life otherwise, you will be taking care of him while he continues to get arrested and stay on drugs. He will use your money to do his business and won’t respect you if you let him live off of you. And please, make sure you don’t have kids with this guy.

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