Your Questions About: What Is Legal Marijuana Made Out Of

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Betty asks…

who thinks that its ass backwards that tobacco is legal and marijuana is illegal?

when tobacco causes nothing but death and debt and marijuana which has never been proven to cause cancer could b taxed prob get us out of debt and and maybe the dealers would actually get jobs pay taxes and contribute to society. Isn’t it so simple? Why then so difficult?

Potter answers:

There is NO (I cannot stress this enough) NNNNOOOOOO reason why pot should be illegal.

Tobacco will never be made illegal because as soon as they do, illegal tobacco use will go through the roof (like alcohol prohibition). Why would they make it illegal? Usage is going DOWN. Perfect example why prohibition doesn’t work.

Like I said, there are NO reasons why marijuana should be illegal. There are no (real) health threats, you can’t die, it doesn’t make you dumb (quite the opposite) and it can even (possibly) cure cancer!

Even if this still doesn’t convince people, even if they ignore reason itself by covering their ears and looking the other way like children, there is still plenty of reasons they should care about:

By making the most popular illegal drug legal, you take away the main source of drug gang funding;

With drug dealers not having pot, kids can’t buy it since there would be a legal age;

By taking it away from drug dealers, pot is no longer a gateway drug since people who have access to marijuana no longer have access to hard drugs;

Marijuana use will go DOWN (England and the Netherlands proved it, not to mention US experience with alcohol Prohibition);


Your question is perfect: WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO REALIZE????

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