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Sandra asks…

Can some one inform me about legal bud?

I want to know what it is, how it is different from the good stuff, why it is legal, if it works, and if it is worth buying. I need solid information.
I am not talking about medical marijuana.

Potter answers:

I actually used to smoke the real thing then had to stop smoking and bought some legal bud. Legal bud, to begin with, is not really at all a good substitute. The “high” is nothing like the real stuff. But it is a good way to stop if your ready to start a good clean life. On the site I got it from, Legalbuds… I think, they said that it was all natural and pretty old. It was something the native americans used to use back in the day. I read the comments and got all excited and ordered some a couple of times, but it did not give me the same high at all. I stopped smoking it after a while and didnt even finish the whole batch. I got “wildgrass” and some other kind I forgot the name. Like “something-Kush” not sure. Its definately legal, because I felt the same after I smoked it and some even burned my throught and tasted funny. Keep in mind I use to smoke everyday all day though. I was not impressed by it no matter all the hype it got from its site.

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