Your Questions About: What Is In Legal Buds That Gets You High

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John asks…

Question about weed…. PLZ READ?

Hello, I used to smoke weed all the time, like 8 blunts a day. I would take two to the head when I woke up every morning. I smoked so much that I never really got a high, just a slight buzz but I stayed iTz(in the zone) ALL the time. I was hoping someone could tell me: what are the “Legal Buds” like? Is the weed you can get from High Times magazine any good? Is it worth the money? I haven’t smoked in at least 4 or 5 years but as weird as this may sound, I had a dream just the other night about smoking from a chocolate Philly, and man have I been craving the divine taste of weed in a chocolate Philly, or better yet, my favorite: Green Leaf Honey Dutchmaster. Thank you for your time.

Potter answers:

Smoking that much makes you immune, but I agree, don’t try anything synthetic, I can recommend Critical +, specially if you haven’t smoked for a few years.

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