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Ruth asks…

Navy & national gaurd?

Navy & national gaurd?
ok well i have court tommorow will probally get probation i am trying to joint he national gaurd but supposedly i cant get in if i get on probation idk and the navy well lets just get to the point i have pendign possesion of weed and paraphernalia so if i talk to my lawer and get only probation is there any way i can get into national gaurd and forget about the navy idea? im 19 and have clean record until this (will find out tommorow if anything else)
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also i live in owensboro kentucky if that matters..
1 hour ago says otherwise but i do not know the full details until 1 was under a dime and 3 pipes. i dont wannna join navy i want national gaurd but i think that only navy would take me. and what about exspoungement or getting it wavered? also how would i do either of thoes
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so i can not get waiver on either possesion of druid it says light drugs huh?,13898,rec_step07_DQ_alcohol_drug,,00.html read that then…n general, past alcohol abuse is waiver-able, but if it led to other problems such as violence, then you will have more trouble getting a waiver. Concerning drugs; “soft drugs” such as marijuana and hashish are usually waiver-able, while “hard drugs” such as cocaine and heroin are usually disqualifying.

Potter answers:

No Branch or component while you are on probation. Once you are off probation you have to wait up to 6 months before you can try to enlist.

Currently no branch is granting waivers for any drug related charges. ANY drugs. Including MJ.

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