Your Questions About: What Herbs Get You High When You Smoke It

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Mandy asks…

Need opinions on Weed Legalization and what to do?

I know someone who is so dang bent on the legalization of marijuana. I get so sick and tired of hearing of all this prohibition crap.
Every conversation ends in my getting p’ od about it.
I would have no problem with people who smoke the herb if it WASN’T ILLEGAL! It sometimes makes people more easy to be around.
I am a very strong believer in patriotism and I obey the law.
How can I get my friend to stop talking about all this? It makes me feel like he is a druggie and it is ruining our relationship becuase it makes him paranoid as hell when he is sober, but he doesn’t care at all when he is… high
Thank you in advance.
Ahhh I sound so uncool but this is a problem for me. Lol.

Potter answers:

Hi Kendy. No, you’re not uncool because I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m the only person, out of MOST of my friends, who DON’T smoke weed, LOL. I believe in obeying the law too, BUT, I do think weed should be legalized. Look at it this way, if alcohol can be legal, and people can actually die from alcohol poisoning, then weed should be legal. I’ve never heard or read about anyone dying from a weed overdose! It seems to me weed just might be safer, physically, than alcohol. Just my opinion on the subject. Good luck to you and your issue with your friend.

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