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Linda asks…

Why is there so much support for legalizing marijuana?

I can bet all non-smokers are against it and stoners just want to get high legally. So then why isn’t this issue treated like the joke it is?

Potter answers:

Because marijuana isnt as serious as some of the other illegal (or legal for that matter) drugs out there. Its non-addictive, unlike nicotine, caffeine, prescription medication, and ALCOHOL.

Whats crazy is that a substance such as alcohol can be legal but marijuana is not.

– you can overdose on alcohol and die from drinking too much, you can not overdose on marijuana
– you can not drive while drunk, but people who are high (usually) dont have a problem operating a car.
– getting drunk seriously impairs your judgement, for example hooking up with an ugly girl, while smoking marijuana can actually clear your head, say if your under alot of stress for example.
– men who are alcoholics are known to beat their wives and children, pot heads certainly dont beat their wives or children.
– no one will go suck a dick to get some weed (unlike people who do coke, meth, crack, heroin, or any other serious illegal drug)
– people who get drunk become violent and get into fights, people dont start fights because they got high. People who are high love everyone and frankly are too lazy to start a fight

Marijuana is mild, therapeutic, and safe.

It carries no addictive ingredients, it is however addicting mentally because of its calming effects.

– it can be used to treat nausea, for cancer patients.
– it can correct sleeping disorders such as insomnia.
– it can correct eating disorders
– it can correct depression/anxiety disorders
– its a mild pain reliever and much safer than prescription strength painkillers. It is also not addictive like painkillers, and you can not overdose on it like with painkillers

marijuana is safer and milder than most prescription medication, and that is legal. Not to mention alcohol like i said before. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug, you should focus on that.

Do your research, youll be surprised to find out how safe and beneficial marijuana can be. Its the other substances out there you need to worry about.


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