Your Questions About: What Are The Side Effects Of Stop Smoking Weed

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Susan asks…

Was this a normal side effect?

Last night, my friend and I were hanging out with another friend of ours. She wanted to smoke some weed so my other friend knew where we could get someone. We ended up getting synthetic weed or something, he didn’t tell us exactly what it was. In the past, I’ve done weed twice and synthetic once and nothing has ever happened to me. But last night, after 3 really big hits or so, I was completely gone. I felt like I was in another world. I felt people touching me and hearing funny things. My friend took me outside and I started crying for like a minute and then stopped. I remember very little from last night, but I know I threw up whatever I ate before. Why did this happen if nothing has happened before?

Potter answers:

Yes it happend to me da first time i got high

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