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John asks…

Will I still get the same health benefits from tea by drinking it this way?

For the record I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m a seventeen year old female who’s 5”4’ and 140 pounds. I’m athletic. I played softball for six years on a team but stopped playing last year; I’m still on the soccer team at my school and have been since I was thirteen. I’m a size nine to an eleven jean depending on the store and brand, and an M/L in shirts.

Every morning I start my day off with a smoothie that consist of fruit I.e. nectarines, strawberries, bananas, lemons, grapefruits, cherries (not necessarily all in one smoothie that’s just the fruit I prefer) some cinnamon to boost my metabolism, ice, skim milk and a scoop of Right Size berry smoothie powder.

I love tea. I have several zip lock gallon bags, two cabinets and several unopened canisters and boxes of hot tea satchels; however I’ve lost my taste for warm tea most recently and especially in summer. I still want the health benefits from tea though, so lately I’ve been breaking open three or four tea bags and dumping them into the blender when I make my smoothie (you can hardly taste it).

Will I still get the same benefits from the tea even though I’m not drinking it the right way? Usually green tea satchels/bags are what I use, however I have plenty of flavors, types, and brands. Lastly, no sugar goes into my smoothie, it’s around 200-500 calories a smoothie.
The snail, you are very…. well, stupid.

Potter answers:

I guess it’s ok. Don’t be obsessed about calories if you are athletic and practice sports. As long as you have a healthy life, it’s fine, drink the tea as you like it. Tea is not bad for your body anyway

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