Your Questions About: What Are Legal Herbs That Get You High

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Susan asks…

What exactly is in this stuff -Spike Gold?

My husband wanted to get clean, and some buddy at his work told him about this stuff called “K2” or “spike”. SO he went out and bought some and claims that it gets you high. His brother claims the same thing. I looked at the labeling and it says “herbs and oils” and “no tobacco”. To me, it just seems a little odd that they don’t tell you exactly WHAT herbs and oils…I mean, it’s like “if your coworker jumps off a bridge, are ya gonna do that too?” LOL. I looked on the internet a little, but I didn’t see anything regarding what was in it. Isn’t it illegal to not have consistent labeling with what is in your product? I saw something on Y!A that it was potpourri….so you mean to tell me that people are smoking potpourri now because it’s legal and its a substitute for what is not?
So no one really knows and they just smoke it….smart. Really smart.

Potter answers:

I have 3 guys at work who smoke it, they are in a drug court program. They claim it is as good as krippy bud, & is undetectable when they have to drop urine 3 times a week. As for me, I will stick to the real deal, I won’t smoke that flowery smelling stuff

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