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Donald asks…

Dream meaning? Choose between a boy and girl, weed, school, etc?

I had a dream last night that i was at some kind of food/cafe place and I was there with a couple of friends that I had just met (two girls and one boy). The boy smoked a pipe of marijuana and then handed me the pipe and the lighter but I told him I didn’t have any weed so he then handed me his own to use but I said I couldn’t because when I turned around, my mother was standing behind a wall that went up to her nose watching us. After some talking I realised that I was quite interested in this guy, he was very kind and made me laugh and such. But then I had to leave. As I walked away from the building, I turned around to wave a couple of times and they waved back but everyone else in the building also turned and gave me the peace sign. I was then at some sort of marijuana hiding place with nearly everyone from the previous part of the dream and they all went inside including the guy I liked, except for me, one of the girls and two people that I know in real life, because one of them was vomitting and I didn’t want to leave them. We sat and talked for a while and the girl I was with before told me that she liked me. She seemed very upset and I hugged her and tried to make her feel okay. Then everyone came out of the building and the guy I liked saw me hugging her and got upset. He refused to walk with us and chose to instead walk by himself as the rest of the people called him names and stayed clear as if he had some sort of disease. So now I am having to choose between a boy and a girl, both of which I had some feelings for (I am not lesbian or bi in real life). We then all went to school and had to give reasons for why we were late. Me and the other girl hid in a cupboard because we did not want to be at school or something, not too sure as the dream is starting to fade now. I told her it was a bad place to hide because someone was going to open it sooner or later. There ended up being a window in the cupboard out to the staff lounge and a teacher from my early years of high school was there. We talked to her for a while and left. I asked my friend what to do about the girl and the guy and she told me to ignore the girl for the rest of her life and just date the guy, to which, instead of replying to her comment, I imagined all these moments of her in the distance and not speaking to her, seeing how upset it made her and feeling really bad. I would not do that. We walked into a room that contained a dead body and we freaked out. We left the room and tried not to think about it because we knew it would drive us insane. I’m not sure what happened between that and finding another body in one of the cupboards around the school, this time with a puddle of blood and a note. I ran to the office (which for some reason was my brother’s bedroom) and screamed “There’s another one in the cupboard!” It was apparently the third body found in the school that day. We sat in the office and waited for the other girl and a teacher she was with to show up with the note but when we read it, it made no sense. It was just some random words like when your friends write crap in your school books. Shortly after that my alarm went off and I had to wake up.

Does anybody know what this dream could mean?

apologies for the lack of grammar and paragraphing, I wrote this up quickly before I had to go to work.

Potter answers:

Sounds like it could of been just one of those random dreams that aren’t really supposed to make sense. But what I could figure out from you may want to know what it is like to be bisexual, and/or what it is like to smoke weed but are afraid of judgement by ur mom. Had a dream where I smoked a bunch of cigarettes but was afraid to get home because of my dad. The rest just sounds rather random.

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