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Sandy asks…

Smoking weed at a bonfire?

Alright so we all know it’s graduation weekend, and with it comes parties. I’m having a bonfire this saturday and I was just wondering if the smoke from the bonfire will cover up any smells from weed?
If not, would adding plastic to the fire just be a quick alternative to cover up the smell?

*Please don’t answer this if you’re going to say how bad smoking is, we’re going to do it anyway no matter what your opinion on it is.

Potter answers:

Yeah, it does and I can tell you this from experience. And even if it doesn’t, you’ll be too stoned to care (:
There is also something rather nice about smoking weed at a bonfire because the bonfire looks even more pretty, the colors are more intense and vibrant, thdramaticallyeem to dance and flicker more dramaticly, and the warmth from the bonfire makes the whole situation even more relaxing.

Have a good graduation weekend, get very drunk, and high and have fun (:

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