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Chris asks…

Are there any legal alternatives to marijuana that give me the same affect?

I have a drug test coming up and I am unable to smoke marijuana. I have tried many different herbs and blends, but none have made me “high”. I am looking for something that will mellow me out but not make me fail my test. I refuse to smoke spice as well, so please do not suggest that. Only serious answers, please. I know smoking is “bad” to some people, and I am not looking for a speech or lecture. Please help me, I am in desperate need of this.

Potter answers:

Nothing legal is going to totally replace the effects of MJ…however there are some legal smoking blends that will help take the edge off things. Check out a product called Lucid. There’s also a blend called Benton’s Blue which is pretty good and somewhat cheaper. Shaman’s Garden also offers other herbal alternatives too.

Above all avoid sites that sell “legal bud”; stuff looks and smells good but in reality is harsh to smoke and offers no useful effects whatsoever.

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