Your Questions About: The Health Benefits Of Weed

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Helen asks…

Why do people want weed illegal?

I am a right-wing conservative but, on some issues I lean to the left wing. I believe that weed should be legal. There are more carcinogens in cigarettes and alcohol is more dangerous than weed ever has been! With weed legal the government would benefit because of the taxes they could put on the plant. It would become a cash crop! Lets not forget to mention the health benefits. So, I am really confused….why is marijuana illegal?

Potter answers:

I have watched numerous weed documentaries and me being a stoner I really can’t remember the specific reason but what I do know is that they have the gateway theory which I believe the only gateway weed is is to your refrigerator haha and the weed kills brain cells but the test they did cut off the oxygen supply which killed their brain cells and there are plenty of smart people who smoke weed I know its not do to deaths haha no recorded death has been due to weed alone and me and my friends drive pretty well high for the person who the left that comment but there are also conspiracy theories and all this other stuff like reefer madness and the fact that the soldiers in nam which was a war we lost had smoked a lot of weed to calm their nerves cause well nam was crazy I’d shit my pants the first haha but I think another reason why they won’t le
galize it is because they can’t tax it weed is the easiest plant to grow people would be planting at least 10 – 20 plants in their house legal or not. Another thing is prison sad thing its actually one of the most money making buissenes now and a ton of people who not necesarily were dealers but considered dealer are filling the prisons.

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