Your Questions About: The Health Benefits Of Smoking Weed

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Steven asks…

Question About Marijuana?

I’m in Health class and I’m learning about weed. My textbook only says the cons about it and how people shouldn’t use it. However, I’ve heard of several people saying it’s nearly harmless and it has many benefits. I don’t know which one to believe, but I do know the harmful effects of abusing weed. The most common things I hear about it is “cigarettes/alcohol are worse than weed but they’re legal”, “weed helps me academically, mentally, physically”, “it has many medical benefits“, “as long as you don’t abuse it, you’ll be fine”, “weed is nearly harmless”, “if it’s natural, it’s safe”, etc. But my Health teacher showed us videos/told stories about how weed affected people negatively which makes me think twice about it. So which one is true?

P.S. Which method of taking weed safer: smoking or consumption?

Potter answers:

Weed is basically a toxic plant. Anything that can give you some kind of euphoria is basically toxic, even alcohol.
And there generally isn’t a whole lot of good thing to say about a plant that prefers not to be eaten (or smoked for that matter), besides the fun part of being stoned.

Its said to be useful for some medical conditions and is very helpful to ease pain. However, I never heard about anyone ever gotten cured from anything by smoking it.. If so, it hasn’t been scientific proven as far as I know.

Marijuana is not always completely safe, even though you don’t abuse it.
I use to smoke it every now and then (not very often.. Mostly every once a month if I met someone with a joint, but I never bought my own) but a few years ago I started to experience more bad trips than fun.
One day at a festival I got a hash psychosis and I have never in my entire life been so scared.
I have some mental issues as well, such as depression, anxiety and stuff like that, and there is no doubt that this is related to what happened.
I only tried to smoke a joint once or twice since then, but I always end up with a bad trip and paranoia, and at some point I fear for my own safety because I fear what I might end up doing to myself.
I have never abused weed in any way at any point, but it still manage to to make this impact on me.
Today I never smoke it, because I know I wouldn’t gain anything from doing it.

Anyone with some degree of mental issues should defiantly be careful!
Its the same thing with mushrooms. I was once very occupied with Liberty cap and thought about trying it. Obviously the mushroom is toxic, what gives you the hallucinations, but besides that it doesn’t seem to have any permanent effect on you and it isn’t addictive.
But then I met a guy who told me he tried them once. He didn’t have a severe depression or anything, just a mild depression.
He found himself at the edge of a bride 2 weeks later after eating Liberty caps, ready to jump. Not something he would ever imagine he would do.

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