Your Questions About: The Effects Of Quitting Weed

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Robert asks…

Who really thinks weed is a lethal drug?

For the record I don’t smoke weed anymore. I quit about four years ago. I quit because it made me very lethargic and you can’t keep a job that way. Not to mention my mom wasn’t too happy. But it wasn’t hard to quit. I wasn’t addicted and I was a typical pothead until I had my epihany. I never had any craxy episodes while on it. Truth is Alcohol is totally legal and I have been in two accidents and had more embarassing blackouts than I care to remeber. But yet I keep seeing all these advertisements that try and group up weed and cocaine as the same thing. I wouldn’t want my kids to be pot heads. But my concern is if we keep making this kind of comparison and curiosity gets to one of our children then wouldn’t they be curious to try cocaine and herione thinking that is has the same effect as weed? I mean we lied to the about marijuana so why wouldn’t they think we lied to them about everything else? just a thought.
Weed has the same side effects. Hungry Sleepy happy. No matter what type, the high just lasts longer.

Potter answers:

I completely agree with you! Tobacco is the #1 (or very close to it) cause of death and it’s 100% legal. Pot has never killed anyone and it actually has many many medical benefits and yet it’s portrayed as a horrible drug. I don’t really understand it at all…the only thing I can assume is that the tobacco companies make too much money to be shut down.

I agree that pot can make you a little lethargic but it doesn’t hurt anyone….

You should read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. It’s a great book about all the uses for hemp.

Hemp seeds are used to make hemp seed oil.

No other plant source, not even the soybean, compares to hemp in its range and balance of nutritional benefits, making hemp the world’s premier food source
Hemp can be used to produce non-toxic diesel fuel

Hemp is the standard fiber of the world. It has great strength and durability. It is used to make over 5,000 textile prodcuts.

Products made from textile processing remains are used to make another 25,00 products.

Hemp can be used to produce non-toxic paint, varnish, and detergent.

Up until 1937, all quality paints were made with a base of hemp oil due to its natural drying quality

Hemp paper does not need chlorine bleach, which heavily pollutes rives near wood-pulp paper mills.

Environmentally-sound Hemp paper is stronger, finer and longer-lasting than wood-based papers. (WE COULD STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES!!!)

Hemp paper is used for bank notes and archives.

You can build a house with hemp.

Used to produce caulking, cement, fiberboard, flooring, insulation, paneling, particleboard, plaster, plywood, reinforced concrete and roofing.

Henry Ford designed and built a car from compression-molded hemp and other natural fibers. He designed it to run on hemp biomass fuel.

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