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Lizzie asks…

What is the difference between weed, hash, oil, and wax?

Im just a little curious cause i didnt know you could do so much with the cannabis plant. What are the differences and which ones contain the most THC?

Potter answers:

“Weed” is the dried flowers from the Cannabis plant. Most people them buds but biologically they are flowers. Cannabis comes in many colors including light green, dark green, grey, blue, purple, yellow, and pink.

Hash is the pressed together trichomes or THC sacs that have fallen off or have been sifted off of the cannabis flower. People buy special sifting bags to create bubble hash which is purer than pressed hash. Most pressed and bubble hash is brown, black, or dark orange.

Hash oil or BHO(butane hash oil) is made by using butane as a solvent to break down cannabis flowers into nearly pure THC. It is a somewhat dangerous process but many people perfected it. Hash oils are nearly pure THC, usually between 50%-75%. However I have seen hash ool as pure as 90%. Hash oils can be brown, black, or amber.

Hash wax and budders are hash oil that has been whipped, similar to how uou make butter from milk, hense the name budder. These too are nearly pure THC but are much easier to handle because they are solids and not the liquid hash oil. All wax and budders are full melt hash, and can melted back into their oil form. Wax and budders can be white, yellow, beige, brown, amber, orange, or light brown.

Out of all hasho oils and hash wax/budders are the purest forms of THC you will find.

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