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Lisa asks…

Is it possible to substitute a hair sample with another persons hair sample for a drug test? Can they tell age

I need to a take a hair sample drug test for my upcoming job. I got high from marijuana on one occasion about 3.5 months ago. Just to be safe is it possible to submit another persons hair for the drug test? I was wondering if I can use my little brothers hair but can hair samples give away age?

Potter answers:

I am not trying to sound mean here but if you want to be stupid and take drugs then you have to take the consequences that comes along with it. I hope you realise that they will know the difference from your hair to your little brothers hair and wouldn’t you be screwed if they wanted to take your hair sample themselves so you wouldn’t be able to hide anything. Be honest and man enough to take your own hair. If you lie about this and they find out then you will lose your job.
Just be honest with your self and take whatever comes out of it.

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