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Steven asks…

why is weed still illegal?

You would think that since cigarettes, one of the leading causes of cancer & death in the world, is legal, that something as harmless as marijuana would be illegal. There’s not one side effect, (except for the occasionl cough*) Do people not understand that legalizing weed would get drug dealers OFF the streets. Instead of spending time trying to bust people from it, cops could actually make use of their time and try catching REAL criminals.
& honestly, if it’s able to be a MEDICAL treatment in some places, why should it be illegal in other?
Its a natural substance.
It puts the grouchiest people in the best of moods.
It’s inexpensive.
and lets not forget the fact that its FUN
Geogre2 – you need to look up the facts instead of spitting out things you’ve heard. it will NOT make you a vegatable. it does NOT cause lung cancer. if it did, people would have already died from it. and NO ONE EVER HAS.
If you take the time to look this shit up, you would have to smoke almost five thousand blunts in 3 minutes, for weed to kill you.

Potter answers:

Like alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, “trying” to make marijuana illegal has failed completely in the US ! Legal or not, MANY people are using it. The only people benefiting are criminals, artificially raising prices, and making for an unsafe situation as criminals become wealthier and more empowered. Also, our prisons are full of people who have committed marginal offenses (such as possession of MJ) because “Conservatives” believe they can legislate morality.

Alcohol causes many more deaths per year than MJ; if MJ is illegal, alcohol should also be illegal (you Cons are total hypocrites !)

Legalizing and TAXING MJ, just like alcohol, would give much-needed revenue to governments who are in dire need of funds, put many criminals out of business, and free our prison and court systems for serious criminals.

If you don’t know who they are, use and enter your ZIP.
Also, if you agree, do NOT vote Republican.

(PS, Cons, I do NOT use MJ or any drug, except your beloved drug of choice, alcohol)

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