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Lizzie asks…

10 Points to best answer. Can someone help me with this question on My psychology paper? Character study?

My class had to write and trade short stories with one another… And we have to decipher the characters in the story from either conversation, or situation, and break down basicly what’s going on, what the characters are like. Everything from morality to age.. I wrote a story about some people and Traded with a girl who handed me this story story, It’s a conversation between some people. I need to come up with what is going on with the characters as I said before. Please help! My first assignment! Thanks guys! Story / Conversation below.

Conversation starts with Alex asking a question. Help me understand whats going on with these characters, this is for a paper I’m doing for tech college. Tell me what you can understand about the characters in this conversation. Do they sound like good moral people? What do you gain from this short conversation.

Alex-Walmart Sold me a 6pk of Bud Ice @ 1am , is it legal to buy alcohol in GA now after midnight?

Chris – Yes, except on Saturday.

Alex- That’s unbelievable! What a Leap in the right direction. Now all we need is to legalize sports gambling. Pot, and add some casino’s, Unemployment would drop to 2%

Larry- lol bud ICE? lol

Sammy- you mean bud light lime

Larry – Lol no he ment mic ultra

Sammy- Zima?

Larry- Lol with a jolly rancher…but i.hear he really likes a mikes hard lemanade

Alex- Ice beer is more powerful than Regular beer. Bud Ice is 5.5 % A Regular Budwiser is 5.0 Bud Light is in the 4% range

Larry- Thats like saying Ice beer on the trashy scale is a 10…Budwiser is just redneck and bud light is classy lol

Alex- Normally, If i Just want a beer, The place on the way home sells me 2 King Cobras for $4.25 out the door. King Cobra is one of my most common malts if I’m not looking to get $hitfaced off HG malts such as or OE 800 WC. I believe these are the cheapest 40s in my area. Everytime I go to a party everyone gives me the stink eye because I am sporting a 40 of King Cobra. I always get home and place one in the freezer and start ripping the other asap.

Sammy- WTF are you serious right now?

Alex- Serious about King Cobra?

Potter answers:

What I get is that they are alcoholics and I think Larry has a serious mental problem or he is inebriated (but he could still have a mental problem, such as Klinefelter’s Syndrome). Sammy is not entirely with it either and Alex is on his way. The main thing we have to worry about is being on the road when they are driving.

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