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Donna asks…

Something to substitute for tobacco in a joint?

Dont be hatin, i dont smoke weed often, with the amount i smoke it it not gonna kill me. Anyways, ive only smoked from a bowl, and me and my friend are figuring out how to roll a joint so we dont need the bowl. Ive got most of it except…im a minor, and no one in my family smokes, so getting ahold of tobacco is a tad tricky. Any household herbs or spices i could pick up at the grocery store i can use to substitute for the tobacco?

Potter answers:

Get rolling paper. Or use gum wrappers. WARNING. Gum wrappers are bad for your you. Only use them if you desperate and cannot find anything to make a joint with. And do NOT use printer paper. It has too many chemicals, bad for you!! Notebook paper burns too fast, so no.

The rolling papers i was talking about are called “Zig Zag” They are sold at any local gas station. They are used for for smoking tobacco. But many people use them to smoke weed, because of how great they burn. You can also buy these online at the source below if you have no way of buying these, again, you have to be a 21+ to buy these. But if you purchase them online, you don’t

You can just feel free and use one of your parents credit cards, and order these “Zig Zag” papers online. You can put fake info, saying you’re 21. I do this all the time. And lie to your parents, telling them you want to buy something else.

Good luck. Get high!! Enjoy!! Hope i helped! 😉

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