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Ruth asks…

How big do you think was the bribe for this?

Congress wants to expand a program the provides health insurance for families that make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to be able to afford health insurance. They want to fund the program with a hike in the federal cigarette tax. Bushie voes to veto the bill because it raises taxes.

You would think raising taxes in cigarettes to pay for health insurance is a win-win. Fewer smokes and healthier blokes.

Of course, until you realize that Big Terbackky probably funelled money to an offshore account for the House of Bush.

oes anyone doubt that? Is there a good neo-con ideology reason to veto this bill or is bribery the only explanation?

Potter answers:

Id have to see the proposal. Its not likely that it only effects tobacco products. I would support a sin tax on tobacco products only because users generate substantial healthcare costs.

Also, no conservative would believe any article written by Jennifer Loven. That would be like me citing Ann Coulter as a source. Theyre both radicals.


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