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Lizzie asks…

Will i ever get off my bi polar medications?

I was diagnosed with a bi polar disorder about 10 years ago.
I started hallucinating and thinking i was god and stuff due to taking weed and abusing it.
I have also tried cocaine and other drugs.

I have recently quit everything for about 2 years now. I feel healthy and fine.

I was on cymbalta and Propranolol for the past year it was stopped I have only been taking fluanxol depot 40mg/bi weekly with doctors approval. The shot is not a big deal and doesn’t have a lot of side effects other than making me blink a lot since my eyes get dry.

However i would really like to experience life without any meds or drugs. My doctor doesn’t want to stop the depot but i would really like to get off of it.

Is it possible for people that have experienced mental illness to stop there medication with doctor’s approval???

Can anyone provide me with any medical links???


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