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Mandy asks…

What are some side effects i should look for if i smoke a little bit of weed for the first time ever??

Ok, ive never smoked ever in my life, but i do kind of want to try a little bit of weed just to see how it feels to be high and to see how i would react. I dont want it to be a habit, i just want to try this one and only time, but im not clear on what are some possible side effects, besides the munchies, on a first timer’s first hit. so can some one help me out please…thankz
o yea…n im not doin it cuz of peer pressure..no1s pressurin me 2 do it..i jus want 2 do it jus 2 c how ima act…n 2 c how it feels…plus im goin 2 only take lik 2 hits n thaz all

Potter answers:

U wont really be able to tell ur high at first…u probly will laugh a bit more…the main thing is that u like forget wut u said like 2 seconds ago…i did lots for my first time n when i stopped i was pissed at everybody…it mite make u go mad a bit…but nuthin is really bad…ull have sum good fun

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