Your Questions About: Side Effects Of Quitting Birth Control

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Sharon asks…

Side Effects of Quitting Birth Control – Acne?

Hi, I am 21 year old. I took birth control pill (Sprintec) for 1 year and half and quiet taking it about 3 month ago.

Last month I noticed my skin was breaking out a little bit, but it went away in a week. However, this month, about 1 week before my period, my skin started to break out in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been done with my period now for a week but my skin keeps getting worse. I never had bad acne even before taking pill (when I did, just little one or two).

I assume this is because my hormone is adjusting back to normal. I wander how long it takes my skin to clear, does anyone know?

I’ve been reading about this online and it seems even if you go back on the pill acne wouldn’t get better. Probably because that would mess up your hormone balance all over again. Besides, I don’t want to go back on pills again… I don’t feel good about putting chemical in my body for a long time. The problem is, the information I get on line tells me the acne that appear after stop taking birth control would not go away for years for many women no matter what you do. I am getting worried, and little upset for my doctor and pill for not informing me about the side effects of quitting birth control. If I’ve known this before, I would never started taking it in the first place.

Does anyone have information about side effects of quitting birth control? How long does it take my hormone to adjust back? And frankly, how long does it take my acne to go away? Do I have to do anything special to treat this acne?

I would really appreciate it if anyone can help.

Potter answers:

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