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John asks…

Marijuana/Alcohol and Medication?

This might sound dumb, but don’t hate. I know that if you’re drinking alcohol there’s a lot of medications that will have side effects, be intensified, or be weakened by alcohol. Is the same true of smoking weed? My guess is no since the main reason to not drink and have meds is the organs are dealing with the alcohol and you don’t want to load pills on top of them. To me it seems like marijuana would be ok since the organs are less effected (I believe, though i may be mistaken, that most of marijuana’s effects hit the brain and do not hit the organs very hard). So what do you think? If I’m smoking weed is it ok to take meds at the same time? (And by “the same time” I mean like if I take a few hits, then take my sleeping pills, which happen to be Melatonin, and Zyrtec).

PS: How long after drinking (or smoking, if applicable) can I take other medicine? My above question deals with drinking and smoking within the same couple of hours, this question deals more within a night or day. So if I go out for a night of drinking, is it fine to take my Celexa in the morning? And again, same question but with smoking weed, if applicable.

Potter answers:

I am a former Medical Marijuana patient. I can’t comment on the many Rx/alcohol drug drug interactions, but I will tell you that marijuana does have some potentially harmful interactions with some drugs. One of the effects of the THC in marijuana is tachycardia (racing heart). If you are taking any medication that speeds up the heart than you might not want to take them together (this includes adding caffeine). Also, marijuana lowers the blood pressure. This may pose a risk to anyone alrady on a medication for hypotension.

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