Your Questions About: Side Effects Long Term Marajuana Use

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Betty asks…

Side effects & symptoms of a heavy & long term Marajuana smoker…?

Hi, I have been dating this guy for a few months & finally he confessed to me he is a heavy long term marajuana user.I have noticed some wierd behavior on his behalf but never thought it was drugs he was consuming.I also have a friend & she used to smoke pot a few yrs. back & she never had the behavior my boyfriend has when he doesn’t have the drug..I trully feel it is something else he is keeping away…Please help with any answers or comments !!!!!

Thankz, Claudia

Potter answers:

My father was a heavy user but he drank alchohol aswell. If he’s still using, one symptom can be a sense of paranoia. If he’s acting badly because of the lack of the drug, then he needs to seek help psychologically. Weed isn’t physically addicting, and he probably just needs discipline. If it’s bothering you, try telling him that you’re drawing a hard line and see what he does. It all depends on the user.

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