Your Questions About: Side Effects From Quitting Weed

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Ken asks…

Is this a side effect of weed?

Recently i have quit smoking weed, but now i have picked it back up. when i started i was smoking boxes of blunts at once, but i had to stop because of financial issues in school. but the other day, i was smoking an my heart started t beat really fast. i then became nervous that something was wrong. my face became droopy and when i stood up, i found myself falling towards the ground. and i need help back up. i believe its becausee i didn’t drink any water like im used to when im high, but i can be wrong. Last week i notice that i dont laugh like i used to back whn i started. i just sit really still and dont talk. i be tryin to find my high moments from the weed, but it seems i just be dead, or too really laid back… can you help me? is it that i need to upgrade from regular to purp, or is it me?

Potter answers:

Don’t worry about it. You’ll die from an overdose soon anyway. Just enjoy your last days.

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