Your Questions About: Short Term Effects Of Steroids

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Maria asks…

what are the long term/short term effects of taking steroids?

this question is for educational purposes only. thanks

Potter answers:

I’ve never used but have done some research on this topic.

Smiley pretty much has it covered, but he’s a couple other points I could add…

-If you have a predisposition to bald, steroids will likely make you bald faster

-you can get brutal acne espeically on the back/shoulders

-Oral steroids (dbol, anavar) are hard on the liver and should not be taken for extended periods of time (more than 8 weeks)

-You have to use Post Cycle Treatment or you’ll lose a lot of your gains coming off… PCT will also make you very emotional for a period of time.

-If a user doesn’t cycle (go off steroids for a period of time) or use PCT their natural testosterone levels may not recover to what it was prior to using.

-because you can gain muscle so fast the skin around the muscle might be able not grow fast enough and you get strech marks

The postive effects… You’ll gain a lot of muscle/strengh

That pretty much somes it up… You’d be hard pressed to find someone that definitively died directly from using steroids. It just doesn’t happen. Painkillers and diurectics (both of which are often used by bodybuilders) are much more dangerous to health than steroids.

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