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David asks…

Quitting Smoking?

Alright so, my parents are planning to attempt to quit smoking next week while my dad is on vacation from work. They attempted to quit about a month ago and let me just say it was not a pleasant expereince for any of us who had to live with them. They get so grouchy, they constantly snap on people over small things, and what’s worse is they end up arguing with each other over dumb stuff as well.
My question is: Is there anything they can do/try to do that will make it easier for them to quit so they are less likely to snap on everybody who crosses their path, and less likely to argue with each other?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂
The last time they tried to quit they used the patch and claimed they didn’t need it to help them quit, stopped using it, tried quitting without help, and ended up smoking again because my brother, grandmother, and I threatened to shove the cigarettes down their throat because we couldn’t take their attitudes anymore.
I’m going to try to convince them to talk to the doctor about a prescription that one of the answers recommends. My dad has been pretty dead set that being away from the stresses (and smokers) of work, having hard candy, and doing his cadance (military PT) he’ll be better this time than he was the last. Does this sound logical, or is he going to be just as bad as the last time?

Potter answers:

Giving something up that one might very well enjoy doing is very difficult. I’m sure you knew that. What one has to do along with trying to kick any habit is to try and change all habits. For instance, Normally one wakes up, makes coffee, and smokes. Well, they can try getting up and going for a walk instead. In other words, a lifestyle change is in order. If one tries to give up such a difficult habit as smoking and continues in all their old ways…forget about it.

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