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Maria asks…

What withdrawal symptoms did you have from quitting marijuana?

I tried quitting a million different times, and I believe my symptoms got me to go smoke again. I sometimes got suicidal or extremely depressed. I couldn’t tell if that’s really how the world is or is it just me because I’ve been smoking for so long I forgot how it feels to be sober.

Potter answers:

That’s tough. I think maybe you should seek the advice of your doctor. When you’re smoking marijuana, it alters the chemicals in your brain, so when you stop suddenly, they change suddenly also. Your doctor may be able to advise on how you can quit and how to conteract the bad feelings you’ve been getting when you aren’t smoking. I don’t think quitting cold turkey would be the answer though, it may be something you have to cut back on before quitting completely. Good on you for wanting to quit, and I wish you all the best.

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