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Mark asks…

Lean, Promethazine, Codeine, Sizzurp… Heeelp?

What are the effects of Promethazine/codeine? Is there any bad side effects or any bad reactions you can get from it? I’ve had a bad past with weed, & have major panick attacks that last a while whenever i do smoke. So i completely quit. Alcohol doesnt have any bad effects on me. But i wanna try leaning, Anybody have any bad experiences ? Do you think i’ll panic from it ?

Potter answers:

I have been prescribed a ton of different pills before, and the best ones are actually the ones that help you! Try an anti-depressant. They really can make life a lot better without having the negative affects of a physical dependency…. Errr wait…. Nope those can cause physical dependency too!!!
Oh well.. Guess you are out of luck, but as for Codene, its pretty good. Usually really hyper at first, then relaxxxxx! Depends if its liquid, by itself, or mixed with acetaminophen. I would just go for the syrup, its the best. Your eyes will dilate.

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