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John asks…

Does the alcohol in wine contribute to its positive health effects?

I’ve head that wine (or a certain type of wine) can be good for your heart or something like that. Does the fact that wine is alcoholic contribute to the health advantages, and if not, was is it in the wine that makes it good for you? (if you need to get technical in regards to chemical w/e, that’s fine)
Thank you :))

Potter answers:

You’re thinking of an antioxidant called resveratrol which is found in red wine only. This is because resveratrol is found inside of the grape skins and white wines are not made with the skins. In a way it is because of alcohol because resveratrol can only be extracted from the red grape skins in the presence of alcohol but the alcohol itself does not have any health benefits.

Resveratrol has been attributed to many health benefits the one of which that has shown the most conclusive evidence for is contributing to heart health. However doctors have said that any more than a small glass a day will do more harm than good because of excessive amounts of alcohol.

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