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Sandy asks…

Is it possible to only suffer from the physical effects of PND?

Hi, my daughter was born in July last year and I’ve never been happier, but my physical health seems to be geing downhill rapidly, I’m just wondering if anybody can give me any more insight into this;

I’ve suffered from chronic stomach pains for just over 10 years now and Dr’s have never been able to put their fingers on what’s causing it…in the end they put it down to stress. Also, I’ve been having migraines for the past 5 years. Both seem to have gotten much worse since having my daughter.

I’ve also completely gone off food…I’ve always been a passionate cook and before having my daughter loved to create new dishes and try new foods. Since having her I’d be happy if I never had to eat again, I don’t experience hunger any more and feel nauseous almost constantly…I try to force myself to eat but that usually just makes me feel worse. Sometimes I’ll forget to eat at all all day and wont even realise till my husband gets in from work and asks me what I’ve eaten that day. I’ve lost loads of weight as a result of this (meaning I’m now underweight as I wasn’t exactly big before my daughter was born.) I’ve been to the doctors numerous times and they haven’t been able to find a thing wrong.

For about 8 weeks after she was born I did suffer from night terrors, I’d wake up around 4am every morning convinced that I had twins and had lost one of them and I could spend up to half an hour crying as I searched the bedroom for my “lost baby.” But I’ve not had one of them for months now.

I do occasionally suffer from panic attacks too. (These have just started very recently.) My Mum-in-law has started to take my daughter out for the day once a week and the whole time she’s gone I’m a nervous wreck. Unable to think straight and having palpatations and experiencing a tight feeling in my chest from about half an hour after they leave till they get back. I really have to controll myself so I’m not on the phone to them the whole time they’re gone.

My question is; is it possible to suffer from post natal depression but only really get the physical side effects or is this something else? Has anybody else felt like this after giving birth and when and how did it get better?

Sorry this is so long, I’ll be grateful to anyone who answers. Thanks a lot! :0)

Potter answers:

A loss of appetite is a symptom/sign (whatever) of PND. When I had it, I suffered from the emotional side more than the physical as my appetite etc wasn’t affected, but it’s not unheard of to lose your appetite.

I don’t know about the panic attacks though, sorry.

Oh actually, I just found this:

“If you have PND, you may also suffer from:

•panic attacks that cause a rapid heartbeat, sweating, sickness or fainting
•stomach pains, headaches or blurred vision
•a loss of appetite or the urge to comfort eat
•suicidal feelings
•a low sex drive
(CKS 2009, MIND 2008, RCP 2007)

PND affects everyone differently. But if you are experiencing many of these feelings, and they are constant or getting worse, talk to your health visitor or GP (CKS 2009). Don’t try to cope on your own. The first step to feeling better is to recognise that you have PND. Then you can seek the help and treatment you need to recover (DA 2003).”

To be honest, I think you sound like you could be a touch depressed. Have you spoken to your dr. About treatments? Either with anti depressants or not. Mine was treated with anti depressants but a friend of mine chose to go down a different route for treating hers.

Either way, I hope you get back to your normal self soon!

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