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Linda asks…

If you grow weed in a pot and water it will it grow buds?

Can I just grow it like a normal plant? I’m sick of dealers not answering their phones. I also don’t have a lot of time to make some complex rig with fancy lights and fans. I wanna grow Big Bud seeds from some online website. So can I fill a pot with soil, put 1 seed in and put it under a light in my attic? Then how often do I have to water it and what not?

Potter answers:

It needs light. Your setup doesn’t need to be fancy. Just find a closet, put some floro lights in it and a small fan. Nice and simple. It will grow. Water little. They don’t like too much water. When you think they need water just stick your finger down in the soil and if it is dry all the way down your finger that means it is time to water. Give the plant 18 hours of light a day for 4 months and then 12 hours of light a day after 4months untill it is time to harvest…..Goodluck.

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