Your Questions About: Oils That Make You High

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Sandy asks…

Can eating hemp (oil, seeds) make you high? Do you get stoned from hemp?

Does it? Do you? Why is it legal? I hear that you can get high from hemp oil. I read it’s high in TCH but then others deny it so the govt doesn’t step in to make it illegal. I hate that my liquid soap has hemp oil in it because it’s too thick and gross when I washed my hair with it.

Potter answers:

No. And why it’s legal.. Well poppies are legal too, though people make heroin out of them.. You can’t ban poppies or hemp, they grow naturally all over the world and it’s impossible to control.

If you want to get “stoned” look into legal alternatives such as Salvia Divinorum, K2 Smoke Mix, Wild Kratom…

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