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Betty asks…

why isn’t marijuana legalized yet?

prisons are overcrowded, trillions are being spent on a war against it that isn’t being won. if legalized, it could be taxed, and the government could make money off of it instead of spending money to try and get rid of it and fail.
it would create jobs, i.e distributors, farmers, chefs (consuming it gives next to no negatives, compared to smoking it.) more FDA workers would be needed to check product for lacing and other hazardous things.
if left in its natural state, unlaced and with no insecticide, it is better for you than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.
it is not physically addictive.
and it would not ruin the country. a ‘red light district’ in each state could be issued if said state wished so that the people who want nothing to do with it, wouldn’t have to even smell it.

i don’t even smoke/consume it. I just care about the deficit of this country, and i am a realist… and in reality, it being illegal while things that actually kill people that have to be made out of multiple ingredients (cigs, alcohol, and ‘Spice’ (a marijuana substitute that people smoke because it is legal, but is harmful.) are still legal, while there has not been one recorded death from marijuana.
squill, you’re an idiot. i bet you atleast drink wine, if not beer, and if you’re for those staying legal, but not marijuana, you are also a hypercritical right winged buffoon.
fair enough, but so do people who drink beer, most don’t let their fridge run out of it.
scott: digesting it takes care of the majority of those problems, giving alcohol the lead in whats worse.

also, people already smoke and drive, many people smoke/digest marijuana even though its illegal.
so what would be the harm in legalizing it and letting the government make money off of it?
mr. pres.
george bush smokes marijuana, and was an alcoholic, and did cocaine, yet he was still good enough to run the country?
and George Washington not only smoked it, he grew it. and he was smart enough to be one of the founders of the USA

Potter answers:

I dunno, but it’s getting harder & harder to get away with. Now, with the bans on even cigarette smoking in all public places, you can’t even go to a bathroom stall just to hide while you smoke. You damn near have to go out into a joint in the woods just to smoke. Ah, there’s nothing like a joint in the woods. Personally, I think they banned cigarette smoking in public as a way to crack down on weed smoking. But, that could just be the paranoia setting in. If you’ll excuse me, I need to make a run to the store, I have the munchies.


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