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Mary asks…

Can I get my kids into public school next year without any Vaccinations?

My wife and kids and I are an organic toxin-free naturopathic family. We are against anything processed, artificial, and unnatural, and aren’t fans of conventional medicine. We only eat high quality all natural foods and herbs, and don’t use any body products or cleaners with chemicals/toxins, and we don’t believe in prescription drugs or vaccines. We are considering putting our 4-year-old twins in public school next year. Can I simply get my kids into public school without any vaccinations by saying it goes against our beliefs?
(My wife and kids are extremely healthy and have never been sick once and never had a need for conventional medicine so please don’t diss my beliefs, I know what I’m doing)
We live in New York by the way.

Potter answers:

Unfortunately, New York is one of the most difficult states to get an exemption to school vaccine requirements. Like many states, it only grants exemptions based on religious beliefs (and of course medical). But unlike most other states, the wording of the law allows school districts to question the sincerity of your religious beliefs against vaccination. You are NOT required to belong to a certain church or any church at all. But the reasons you give for avoiding vaccines must be purely religious. If you mention anything about natural living or health in your exemption request, it will likely be denied. You may want to consult with a lawyer specializing in vaccine exemptions. I did a quick Google search, and found this one. Http:// I’m sure there are others.

Here is the form to fill out for New York. Http://

If New York requires a TB test for school entrance, look into getting the Quantiferon blood test. It’s just a regular blood test, so unlike the TB test more commonly done, nothing is injected into the body.

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