Your Questions About: Medicinal Benefits Of Weed

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Donna asks…

How would this answer bein in violating of the guildlines?

In a question about someone wanting to quit smoking cigarettes, I gave them this answer:

“It would take a long while. I’m going to assume you stopped today so by Thursday, you will probably be wanting to have a smoke. As long as you can go past the third day, you will be golden. Sucks that you decided to smoke though. If you wanted a buzz, you should have smoked some some kush,weed,bud, cannabis…the good stuff. Hell of a lot better for you than tobacco and plenty of medicinal benefits. 🙂 Hope you get through everything alright.”

How would this be against the community guidelines? Just because I mention weed, someone had to flip their lid and be like “omg, he said weed. He is a very bad person and must be reported. This isn’t the first time I said something along the lines of what I said in the last three sentences and never had a problem until now. What should I say to the people at yahoo answers? I’m not good with making a point 😛 and yes, I looked over the guidelines carefully and so I know what’s there, I just some confirmation.

Potter answers:

Ok I dont know all the rules but I have read that anything you contribute should be for the good of the community. With that in mind, smoking weed is still illegal in most countries – so of course advice given was detrimental. On the plus side, I’m thinking you were trying to be kind?

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