Your Questions About: Medical Benefits Of Smoking Weed

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Carol asks…

Can one justify their own use of Cannabis?

We know there are medical reasons for using Cannabis, but can i justify my own recreational use of the drug by proving I much better off. Im just going to give my own experience and why i should be allowed to use Cannabis.

I smoke Cannabis recreationally, but i have begun to notice that when i have a good balance for smoking cannabis, i find certain benefits. For one i can control my anger alot better, and not just when im high, I have lost alot of friends and fallen out with alot of my family because of my anger, so this is very important to me.

Secondly, im an artist, a painter, and i feel alot more creative when im high. All of my works that were done when im high are considered my best, and if i was to take up a job in art, i would feel it essential to earn a living. Also ill do alot better in art college next year.

Finally im a much happier, and likeable person because of weed, I am much more balanced person. I find it is the best way of dealing with stress, which would be a big issue for me otherwise. For me nothing beats getting home and having a few joints with good friends, I believe this would be in my right for a pursuit of happiness.

I have never had any bad experiences smoking weed, the same cannot be said for alcohol. When i first began smoking at 13, i made some mistakes in the way i smoked, how, when and where. I got myself expelled from school for alleged “Dealing”. But I feel i have a good head about it now, and I would love to present my case to an official to allow for personal use if possible, as any problems i have had with Cannabis have come from the law.

I am going to smoke no matter what, am i really better off in jail?

Potter answers:

I understand you and agree with you 100%, but there are people out there with ADHD for example that smoke pot and say the exact same things as you, but they don’t realise that it doesn’t actually work for them the same way it works for someone like you. It makes them worse off.

If it was legalised for people like yourself, these people that suffer from ADHD will turn around to people like you and say “Well why is he allowed to have his cake and eat it?”

The rules are there for everyone.

I usually find the ones who have to justify themselves are the ones who are afraid of being judged and have convinced themselves that it helps in some way or another. This isn’t a dig, it’s a fact.

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