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Sandra asks…

Could i put weed in a marlboro cigarette?

i have weed, and i have marlboro golds, but i don’t have any paper to roll my own cigs, so could I just maybe empty some of the gold cigarette and put some of the weed in the end & smoke it?

would it just be like smoking a smaller amount of weed? i mean i don’t want to empty the whole thing..

thanks 🙂

Potter answers:

We do this all the time over here:

first of, what you want to do, is remove the filter, not by cutting it of, but just by removing the ‘cotton’ on the inside. To do so, apply a little pressure on the filter with two fingers and roll it back and forth gently. This will detach the filter, when it is ready to be removed, pinch the cotton between your teeth, and pull it out.

Now, using the same technique, starting from the tip, get the tobacco out (applying pressure with two fingers, and rolling back and forth, no pinching and pulling out with the teeth). You’ll end up with a paper cylinder.

Take a piece of card, make a small cylinder the length of the filter part of the cigarette and place it in the paper cylinder (european style roach).

Then mix some of your weed with that tobacco (to help it burn properly, and to dilute it, making each milligram more effective), and slowly put it back in the cigarette.
To do so properly and in a way to have a decent smoking experience at the end, put a tiny bit in at a time, and pack it (ether with a pencil, or by tapping the roach on a hard surface with the joint held vertically).

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