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George asks…

Why did the cotton industry, back in the day, fight to criminalize hemp instead of investing in it?

Hemp (marijuana) is a far better quality for all things that cotton is used for. So why didn’t they just move that way instead of getting it criminalized? And no, it’s not illegal because it gets you high, simply for the reasons stated.

Imagine putting 1,000s of dangerous dealers out of business because they can’t compete with Marlboro‘s marijuana! Not to mention the economy blowing up! Sounds like legalizing is a good deal to me! Obviously it should be regulated, 21 and up just like alcohol and being high at work wouldn’t be tolerated!

Potter answers:

Agreed. It was first made illegal in the Southwest USA because many Mexicans smoked it and that bothered their rich white neighbors.

Ultimately, the legalization of hemp would have cost William Randolph Hearst millions in revenue so he used his influence to have it made illegal.

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