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William asks…

How would you describe Marlboro College’s financial aid?

My target school is Marlboro, and I know they have an 80% rate when it come to giving financial aid. But I don’t know if that means they give lots of loans, scholarships, jobs, etc. I’d assume that because they are a small school, there’s not a lot of money to give. Is that true?

Potter answers:

All that statistic means is that 20% of those attending that school paid for school outright without getting any outside help.

You can’t infer that any or most of it was free grant or scholarship money… Because most of it is not…. Loans make up the majority of any schools finanical aid package unless you are attending on of those schools like Harvard or Yale who make it a point on purpose do not burden their students with loans.

And that 80% seems pretty low to me… In my part of the country, many schools have the majority of students attending with some sort of finanical aid. A much higher figure…like 90 – 95%

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